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Presentations Available Through the CCSO Community Relations Section

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office Community Relations Section offers a number of Crime Prevention Presentations at no charge to you whether you are a citizen in a local community or a business owner.  Call today to find out more at 904-213-6177.


General Presentations:


1-   Identity Theft / Computer Crimes / Safety on the Web – Learn about identity theft, how to prevent it, what to do if you become a victim. Learn about scams, internet crimes, internet auctions, stolen credit cards, unauthorized use of personal information, sexting, texting, phishing, cyber stalking, computer pornography, harassing telephone calls and texting, website safety (MySpace, Twitter, and Face book) and much more…


2- Child Safety – Learn about strangers, (good strangers vs. bad strangers). Learn about safety in the home, safety for being home alone, safety in route to and at the bus stop, safety at school, safety in the neighborhood, and safety while out shopping. Learn about what you should do if you are approached by a stranger. Learn about bullying and being a better person. Learn how to make a DNA kit for your children.


3- Holiday Safety – Learn about ways to prevent crime during the holidays such as Christmas and other days during the year, such as Halloween.


4- Vehicle / Vessel Safety – Learn about traffic safety, traffic laws, seatbelts, car seats, driving under the influence, all terrain vehicles, golf carts, motorcycles, boating inspections, boating / vessel safety on the water, ways to secure and mark your property.


5- Robbery Prevention – Learn about different types of Robbery and of ways to prevent them. Learn about what robbers look for in a victim.  Learn how to shop safely during busy holiday seasons or at larger retail stores.  Learn ways to not be easy prey while banking and / or using automatic teller machines and more… 


6- Burglary Prevention – Learn about different ways to protect yourself at home, alarms, doors, windows, garages, cameras, and tips on what to do when you areaway from your homes. Learn how to prevent yourself from auto burglary and auto theft. Learn about getting free residential surveys done at your home by a law enforcement deputy. Learn more about the Sheriff’s “Like It Lock It Program” and property identification. 


7- Neighborhood Watch / How to Properly Report a Crime - Learn how to start a neighborhood watch in your area and keep it going. Learn about the importance of a neighborhood watch in your community. Learn how you can participate and play an important role in your community. Learn how to report a crime properly, importance of reporting right away, who to call, what information you will need to gather and write down to provide the sheriff’s office with. Learn about suspicious activity and crime trends. Learn about how your sheriff’s office works, the different sections within the department designed specifically to help combat and prevent crimes (Patrol, Community Relations, Investigations, Operation Safe Streets, Street Crimes, Narcotics, Traffic, Marine Enforcement)


8- Bicycle / Pedestrian Safety – Learn about proper maintenance and safety equipment and their importance. Learn about bicycle laws, how to cross at intersections, get your bicycles registered, learn how to keep your bicycle from being stolen.  Learn the laws about pedestrians and motorists and how to cross safely at crosswalks.


9- Residential Surveys – Call the Community Relations Section today to schedule a date and time for us to come out to your home and talk about ways to prevent crime. This includes tips on how you can safeguard your homes and family while at home and away. Learn about alarms, cameras, door locks, windows and tools to protect and much more at no charge to you the citizen.  Receive a written survey.


10- Vial of Life Program – Senior Citizens can safeguard themselves by taking a few minutes to provide medical information about themselves, doctor and family information and have it readily available in your home in a common area to assist Public Safety and Law Enforcement in case of an emergency situation, this

Information could save you or your loved one’s life. Learn more by calling your Community Relations Section.


11- Car Seat Safety Inspections – In the Works, none currently in place with CCSO.


12- Aggressive Driving - Coming Soon.


13- Gun Safety – Coming Soon.



Commercial / Business Oriented Presentations:


1- Workplace Violence – Learn about assessing the risks, management being aware, protection, creating protective barriers, understanding the volatile employee, understand the employer’s liability, and how to prepare a prevention plan in your workplace.  This program is offered at a management level as well as an employee level. 


2- Bank Robbery Awareness – Prevention techniques, procedures during a robbery, and post-robbery procedures, mock robbery training for personnel / staff with real scenario based training in your facility.  The who, what, when, where, and how to report incidents and to recognize suspicious behaviors.  For banking / financial institutions. 


3- Commercial Surveys - Call the Community Relations Section today to schedule a date and time for us to come out to your business and talk about ways to prevent crime.  This includes tips on how you can safeguard your business before, during, and after hours of operation. 


4- Retail Theft, Internal theft, Trespass Prevention – Learn about the laws governing Retail Theft.  Learn about the laws governing Retail Merchants, Retail Security and Loss Prevention.  Discuss how Merchants and Law Enforcement work together when incidents occur.  Learn the who, what, why, when and where procedures for properly reporting incidents. Discuss Clarity and Details in statements made. Discuss security, approach, common methods of theft, delivery and vendor theft, internal theft, and signs of merchandise theft.  Learn about State and Local Ordinances Governing Trespass. Learn about safety practices and ways of prevention.  This is offered both at management levels and employee levels.


5- Convenience Store Inspections and Training for Employees (Assisting with Office of Attorney General) – The CCSO Community Relations Section has certified Inspectors (Deputies trained by the Office of Attorney General) to assist in inspections of convenience stores to ensure they meet standards required by law.  Discuss the State Statues governing these types of businesses and the safest work environment.  Learn about robbery and theft prevention and what to do in unusual situations or when confronted with violence.  Learn about the County Ordinance governing these businesses so you can provide the required training to your personnel. These are done for both management levels and employee levels. Call us today to find out more.   


6- Robbery / Burglary Prevention, Awareness, and Unusual Occurrences - Robbery prevention techniques, procedures during a robbery, and post robbery procedures. Learn how you can prepare a prevention plan to keep your employees and business safe.  Safety / awareness and your environment.  Learn how to report incidents. 


7- Financial Fraud Prevention and Awareness – presentation is an overview of Fraudulent / Counterfeit / Forged Checks, Credit Cards,  and current Schemes in the commercial world.  Learn how to prevent incidents from occurring at your business.  Learn to be aware and how to properly handle these type incidents and / or persons involved. 


8- Business Watch – Coming Soon.


9- Apartment Complex Watch - Coming Soon.


10- Hotel / Motel / Other Lodging Facilities Security Awareness and Prevention – Coming Soon.

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