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How Can I “Burglar-Proof” My Business?

If your business has ever been the target of burglars, you know the gut-wrenching feeling that follows – how violated the owner and employees feel afterwards. A small increase in property crime has accompanied our county’s large expansion in population. While no one is able to truly “burglar proof” any business, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office is taking steps to increase community awareness, providing security advice and related services to businesses both before and after a burglary is committed. It is our hope that by instituting some basic safety measures and by taking advantage of a CCSO-conducted security survey your business will become less of a target for criminals.

  • By contacting our Community Relations Section (COPS) personnel at 213-6177 you can request a community policing deputy visit your building to conduct a security survey. This service is FREE to any Clay County business and takes just 30 minutes or less. The peace-of-mind you’ll receive is well worth the time! The deputy will even be happy to conduct a training session with company employees to review personal safety measures and self-defense tactics as well.

Meanwhile, here are some tips to follow to better protect your property:

  • Seriously consider installation of a professional, monitored alarm system
  • If your business is closed for any extended period due to vacation or emergency, have mail and other deliveries postponed in your absence
  • Proper lighting of your business and surrounding grounds and parking lot is crucial to preventing a break-in
  • Landscape under first-floor windows using thorny plants such as rose and holly bushes
  • Install proper fencing to limit access to the rear of your building if necessary and repair it promptly if ever damaged
  • Review key-control procedures and policies with employees

Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but they are hopefully worthwhile reminders to even the most safety-conscious business owners, managers, and employees.

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