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CCSO Seeks ID of Suspect
Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 19, 2013
What Thieves Do With Stolen Checkbooks; CCSO Seeks ID of Suspect

When criminals break into a car and steal the wallet, purse or checkbook of the owner they do so with a purpose. This case sheds light on the type of criminal activity that takes place after the smash-and-grab has occurred. Thieves may not be content with just the valuables contained in your car Ė they will try to empty your bank account, too.
Late last month the suspect/female in the attached photos entered the Bank of America located at 859 Blanding Blvd. and attempted to cash a check. The female presented a Florida driver license along with a Bank of America debit card and a check written out to the victim. The license and the Bank of America card both belonged to the victim whose purse was stolen from her vehicle in Jacksonville earlier that morning. The check was written from the account of another victim whose purse was stolen on 11/22/13 from her vehicle in Gainesville. The witness (bank manager) attempted to question this suspect at which time she ran out the front door of the bank and fled northbound on Blanding Blvd. in a black Dodge Avenger. This suspectís attempt to pose as the victim and to cash a check for $3,300 was thwarted thanks to the bank managerís intervention, but that is not always the case. Many times victims of auto burglary are victimized a second time when they realize the crooks accessed their bank accounts.
The suspect is described as a white female with black hair wearing a black shirt and printed pants. She appears to have a tattoo on her chest.
Anyone with information regarding this incident or the suspectís identity should contact CCSO Detective Dugger via our Communications Center at 904-264-6512.
Thank you,
Mary Justino, CCSO Public Affairs



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