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CCSO Targets Counterfeit Money Crimes
Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1, 2013

Clay County S-O Targets Counterfeit Money Crime


The CCSO’s Financial Crimes Unit wants to raise awareness about counterfeit money crime in our area. A brief video (public service announcement) has been produced (see link above) and shared on our agency’s YouTube channel. Please help CCSO Detective Bill Roberts spread the word about the need for our residents and business owners/employees to be increasingly diligent about their handling of money and to report any suspicious bills they encounter. In this video, Roberts gives some helpful hints on what to look for when checking money that may be counterfeit. Because detection pens are not always 100% reliable, it is important that other simple detection methods are understood.

Attached above is a recent example of a case involving a counterfeit bill passed at a local store, but there are many such cases annually in our county and region. As technology has improved (better printers, scanners, etc) so has the ability of the criminal to create authentic looking bills. Law enforcement agencies work closely with the U.S. Secret Service to investigate these cases. It is our goal to better educate the public about this type of crime and to put even the average citizen on alert. We all handle money every day, so this is a crime that potentially impacts us all.

Thank you,
Mary Justino, CCSO Public Affairs



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