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Free Safe Boating Class
Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013
Free Safe Boating Class in Clay County and Tips About Avoiding BUI
Boating, fishing and other water sports are fun in their own right. However, alcohol can turn a great day on the water into the tragedy of a lifetime. USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 14-5 offers a free one-day Safe Boating course on Saturday, July 27th at their headquarters in Green Cove Springs (Reynolds Industrial Center). Earn your Florida Boating Safety Education ID Card, mandatory for boat operators born after 1/1/1988, and learn more about how to boat safely. Seating is limited and reservations are required. For information and to reserve your seat, email flotilla14-5@gmail.com or call Wayne Beard at 386-698-2353. And consider these alternatives to using alcohol while afloat:
● Take along a variety of cool drinks, such as sodas, water, iced tea, lemonade or non-alcoholic beer
● Bring plenty of food and snacks
● Wear clothes that will help keep you and your passengers cool
● Plan to limit your trip to a reasonable time to avoid fatigue….remember that it's common to become tired more quickly on the water
● If you want to make alcohol part of your day's entertainment, plan to have a party ashore at the dock, in a picnic area, at a boating club, or in your backyard…. Choose a location where you'll have time between the fun and getting back into your car or boat
● If you dock somewhere for lunch or dinner and drink alcohol with your meal, wait a reasonable time (estimated at a minimum of an hour per drink) before operating your boat
● Having no alcohol while aboard is the safest way to enjoy the water — intoxicated passengers are also at risk of injury and falls overboard
● Spread the word on the dangers of BUI. Many recreational boaters forget that a boat is a vehicle - and that safe operation is a legal and personal responsibility
Thank you.



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