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CCSO Announces 8th Year of Comment-Free Audits
Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 7, 2013
For Immediate Release
Clay County Sheriff's Office Receives 8th Straight Comment-Free Financial Audit

At a time when it seems that government agencies, especially at the federal level, can't keep their financial matters in order, we are proud to recognize a recent achievement that deserves applause at the local level. For the eighth year in a row the Finance Bureau of the Clay County Sheriff's Office received a comment-free audit. A copy of the letter confirming that our agency once again exceled in its handling of public funds is attached. (see page 2, para 1, last sentence)

What does it mean for an audit to be "comment free"? It means the team of independent auditors hired to review our financial books and processes didn't find anything negative worth noting in its report and no violations of Government Auditing Standards. In a nutshell, our agency met the highest standard possible and is in full compliance.

"The key to successful audits is we maintain our records to the highest standards, not because we are going to be audited, but because our staff has integrity and we are good stewards of public funds", said Sheriff Rick Beseler. When Beseler took office in 2004, he hired the agency's first Chief Financial Officer, Sharon Kraus, to oversee the budgeting, payroll and purchasing functions of the agency. Since Kraus's retirement in 2011, CFO Elise Gann took over the reins of that bureau and the oversight of the CCSO's $38 million budget. This eight-year span of comment-free audits represents the entirety of Sheriff Beseler's first two terms in office.

"Throughout each year we maintain a directory of routinely provided records and are then able to provide those at the beginning of the audit, streamlining that process", said Gann. "We are ready to quickly give auditors our initial budget, amendments, final budget, bank statements, reconciliations, inventories and more", she said.

If you have any questions about this most recent audit of our agency or about how we, as a government agency, are required to handle public funds, please let us know.
Thank you,
Mary Justino
CCSO Public Affairs Coord.



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