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CCSO Conducts Drug Warrant Sweep
Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 4, 2012
CCSO Conducts Drug Warrant Sweep

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office Strategic Response Division set out early this morning to locate and arrest wanted criminals on active drug-related arrest warrants.
Of the forty-eight men and women on the list of targeted suspects, half (twenty-four) were located today and taken into custody so far. The “sweep” will continue tomorrow.

Currently, detectives are at a home in the 3200 block of CR 215 in Middleburg. Detectives went to this location to arrest a wanted suspect on a warrant and located at least five other individuals in the home, in addition to the wanted suspect, and the components of a meth lab. Detectives are in the process of questioning these adults and securing the meth-lab-related materials for everyone’s safety. Clay County Fire Rescue is on scene as well as a precautionary measure.

Please find below the initial list of arrested suspects from today’s drug warrant sweep conducted in Clay County. Updated list will be provided in the morning….mug shots will appear on our website (www.claysheriff.com) later this evening. The total number of arrests is now twenty-nine (29)….with more to come. Four of these 29 (the last four on this list) are suspects that were not on the original target list of those with warrants, but were arrested on probable cause (located and found to be in possession of drugs, etc) in the course of the operation.
Clean up continues at the home on CR 215 where active meth-lab materials were found. The Department of Children and Families (DCF) was notified because children were in the home and they will take custody of the children if necessary for their protection or find alternate housing for them. Additional details will be released tomorrow.
Thank you,
Mary Justino, CCSO PAC

Suspect Name DOB Address Charge
Atkins, Michael 04/12/84 611 Gum Street GC S/D Crack Cocaine w/i 1000 ft of a Church
Austin, Iris Elizabeth 11/21/55 2676 Sunrise Village Dr #A S/D Carisoprodol (x's 2)
Bidwell, Heather 11/25/81 5264 S. Hwy 17 S/D Controlled Sub w/i 1000 ft of a school
Cady, Darlene 12/12/61 2574 Russell Rd. S/D Controlled Sub
Cameron, Kareem 11/20/80 2660-B Sunrise Village Dr. S/D Crack Cocaine (x's3)
Collier, Johnny 04/19/52 2655-C Sunrise Village Dr. S/D Crack Cocaine w/I 1000 ft of a public park
Davis, Michelle 03/16/82 718 Anne Bonney Dr. S/D Controlled Sub (x's2)
Fleming, Charlie 02/21/90 613 Gum Street GC S/D Crack Cocaine, S/D Crack Cocaine w/I 1000 ft of a school
Hancock, Kevin 08/30/64 315 Ruby St. S/D Controlled Sub w/I 1000 ft of a Church (x's2)
Johnson, Inkeria 02/11/96 417 N. Cypress Ave. S/D Crack Cocaine w/I 1000 ft of a public park
Layfield, Christopher 01/19/86 1715 Shed Rd. S/D Controlled Sub
Martin, Curtis Wayne 01/10/89 257 N. Mimosa Ave S/D Hydromorphone
Milar, Brandon 04/10/84 1071 Little Ruth Rd or 241-E Pringle Cr S/D Controlled Sub (x's2)
Nelson, Angel 08/04/87 452 Olive Circle S/D Controlled Sub w/I 1000 ft of a Church
Payne, Leroy 02/01/71 408 Lemon Street or Collins Rd in Jax S/D Crack Cocaine (x's2)
Perrone, Anthony 10/07/83 248-F Pringle Circle S/D Counterfeit Drug
Pierce, Jason 01/02/85 2205 Wide Reach Dr S/D Marijuana (x's2)
Pitman-Sherwood, Trejen 09/23/87 106-L Orion Rd S/D Crack Cocaine (x's3)
Riddle, David 01/24/94 718 Anne Bonney Dr. S/D Crack Cocaine (x's3)
Solomon, Dwone 02/17/77 1105 Center St. S/D Crack Cocaine (x's2) w/I 1000 ft of a school
Sweet, Joseph 01/31/85 2239 Stauffer Rd. S/D Marijuana (x's2)
Thompson, Christine 06/13/64 111-F Orion Rd. S/D Controlled Sub (x's2), Petit Theft
Troutman, Latoya 07/28/82 500 Lemon St or 402 Lemon St S/D Crack Cocaine w/i 1000 ft of a school
Wiseman, William 04/03/67 3625 Harbor Rd. S/D Controlled Sub (x's2)
Ysbrand, Keith 09/15/90 1202 Forbes St. S/D Marijuana
Layfield, Linda Ann 04/21/61 2239 Stauffer Rd Poss marijuana w/ intent, poss <20 grams marijuana
Layfield, Michael 02/23/57 2239 Stauffer Rd Poss drug paraphernalia
Lee, London 05/01/89 400 blk of Olive Cir poss < 20 grams marijuana, poss paraphernalia
Mulcahy, Joie 11/16/91 2239 Stauffer Rd poss paraphernalia



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