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Missing Men Found
Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012

Update Regarding Missing/Found Men

After completing the interview process, the two Green Cove Springs men who were the subjects of an extensive overnight search were taken home by CCSO deputies. David Claypool (DOB 11-5-89) and Kyle Bennett (DOB 5-9-90) reside at 544 Deer Path Road off of CR 209 South. Minus some minor scratches and bruises, the two were uninjured following a night lost in the dense woods.

Yesterday afternoon the pair ventured into the 10,000 acre Bayard Preserve which lies between their home and the St. Johns River south of Green Cove Springs. At 12:25am today the CCSO Communications Center received a call from family members who reported that the two had not returned home and they were concerned they were lost in the woods. CCSO deputies, K-9 Units, Baker Correctional Institution K-9ís and Fish & Wildlife Commission resources were deployed. The search continued throughout the morning until about 10:30am when the two men emerged from the woods and made contact with a resident on CR 209S. Deputies made contact with the two men there, checked for injuries and began speaking to the pair about what happened.

They described how they became lost in the thick underbrush and unable to find their way out in the dark. The men said they built a fire overnight for warmth because they were dressed only in t-shirts and shorts. They had with them a machete (knife) and a gun and these items were in their possession when reached by deputies. Both men have a criminal history and Kyle Bennett is a registered convicted felon. It is illegal for a convicted felon to possess a firearm, so charges are pending.

The CCSO appreciates the assistance of the various neighboring agencies that responded to help conduct the search.




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