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TB Testing Completed with No New Cases
Thursday, December 2, 2010


Clay County Jail TB Testing Update

The medical staff of the Clay County Jail in conjunction with state Health Department officials have concluded skin testing procedures and report no indications of active TB disease in any of the individuals tested. As you know from our agency’s original release, our staff previously identified a male inmate in the Clay County Jail who has TB disease. He remains incarcerated in a cell that prevents exposure (spreading of the TB germ/bacteria).

As a precautionary measure, not only was the smaller, known group of exposed employees and inmates tested but also a much broader group as well, many of them voluntarily for peace of mind. The total number of people tested was 211. None of these people tested positive for active TB disease. This included:
• 96 inmates were tested
• 93 CCSO employees and jail volunteers were tested
• 22 released or transferred inmates were tested

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is very appreciative of the assistance received from Health Department officials.




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