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Jail Inmate Tests Positive for TB
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For Immediate Release
Clay County Sheriff’s Office
Date: 11/23/10

Clay County Jail Inmate Tests Positive for TB Disease

An adult male inmate of the Clay County Jail located in Green Cove Springs has tested positive for an active case of TB (tuberculosis). As a precautionary measure, our agency and the Clay County Health Department are actively working to identify any CCSO Detention Bureau (jail) members and any Clay County Jail inmates that may have had direct contact with this inmate and may have been exposed to TB. Our agency’s current estimate of how many people may have had direct exposure (potentially) is thirty (30) persons.

Due to HIPPA regulations and privacy laws our agency will not identify publicly the TB-positive inmate. We can provide, however, a timeline that illustrates how his TB status was discovered.
• Inmate was arrested and booked into our jail on 11/3/10
• Inmate’s medical screening questionnaire responses were all negative; no indication of sickness or symptoms at time of booking
• Standard physical exam conducted on inmate on 11/12/10
• TB skin test (called a PPD) done as part of physical; yielded positive reading 72 hours later
• Chest x-ray conducted on inmate (standard next step following positive skin test)
• Inmate placed in medical cell (negative air flow room) after chest x-ray results show abnormal findings on 11/15/10 per the radiologist’s review
• Confirmation received today (11/23/10) from state Health Department officials of positive MTD/DNA genotype
• Notification of CCSO Detention Bureau members (today)
• Over the course of the next week, employees and inmates (those that had direct contact with inmate) will receive a TB skin test and any necessary follow up or repeat testing.

This is just the fourth case of a TB (disease)-positive inmate in the Clay County Jail since 1995. Please also note that a positive skin test for TB is common and does not mean a person has the active TB disease or that the person can transmit the disease to another person. The bacterium is dormant in those cases and people exhibit no symptoms and cannot transmit to others. According to state health officials, only 2% of our country’s population (incarcerated or otherwise) has actual TB disease.

CCSO officials met with Clay County Health Department officials this afternoon to discuss the inmate’s case and how to proceed with the precautionary testing of employees and inmates. At the time of this release all known CCSO members with whom this inmate had direct contact have been contacted either in person or by phone and apprised of the situation. State health department officials stressed to the CCSO that the presence of this TB-positive inmate in our jail is not reason for panic and that the activation of the standard preventative measures already under way is adequate to curb any further exposure. The inmate in question will remain in a medical cell (prevents exposure) for the duration of his remaining jail sentence. The Center for Disease Control provides detailed information regarding TB on its website, http://www.cdc.gov/tb/.




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