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Keystone Drug Sweep and ATM Robbery
Thursday, April 30, 2009

For Immediate Release
April 30, 2009

More than thirty Clay County Sheriff’s Office detectives conducted a special drug sweep operation in Keystone Heights today in what turned out to be a bad day for criminals, in more ways than one.

The detectives gathered around 8am today off SR 100 East to plan for the drug sweep activity, an operation that involves locating and arresting numerous suspects on drug related warrants. As they were meeting, a call came over the police radios at 8:30am that a woman was the subject of an attempted armed robbery at the Vystar ATM located on SR 100 East near the Hitchcock’s Grocery store in Keystone. The deputies, already in that area for drug sweep, were able to dispatch immediately to search for the described car and suspects. K-9 Units, also in the area for the drug sweep, were also dispatched to track the robbery suspects. In just over thirty minutes, deputies located and arrested the two men. Normally, there are 1-2 deputies assigned to the Keystone area patrol beat….not 30-plus. Suffice to say, the following two suspects picked the wrong day to commit their crime in Keystone.
Michael R. Williams, DOB 8/14/87 of Keystone
William L. Woody, DOB 1/7/87 of Keystone
These two suspects are now in the custody of the Robbery/Homicide office and their booking process is underway. Booking photos are not yet available. The female victim of the attempted armed robbery was not injured.

Once CCSO members completed their work on capturing the two robbery suspects, they began their work on the drug sweep. As of the time of this release, sixteen (16) warrants have been served. There are numerous wanted criminals for whom deputies are still searching so additional arrests are expected tonight and tomorrow. A complete synopsis of the arrests and seized illegal drugs will be released early next week. We are providing, however, tow examples of the type of suspects arrested today during the sweep.
Brian Charles Browne, Trafficking in Hydrocodone (mug shot attached)
Michael C. Devitt, Jr., Sale and Delivery of Cocaine (mug shot attached)
The types of drug related charges vary from case to case, but include hydrocodone, cocaine and marijuana. CCSO detectives have been working undercover for several weeks to secure evidence against these suspects and to obtain warrants for their arrests.



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