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Hiring Off-Duty Deputies

Secondary Employment Information


In order to better serve the community, the Clay County Sheriff's Office is providing the following information and guidelines to persons requesting to employ the services of a deputy sheriff in an off duty capacity.   Off duty deputies are allowed to engage in secondary employment via a permitting process within the agency.   This privilege is extended to deputies in good standing after the request is reviewed and approved by the Sheriff's Office.   If you have any questions regarding hiring an off duty deputy sheriff, the Secondary Employment Coordinator of the Sheriff's Office may be reached at 213-6038, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Secondary Employment will fall into one of two categories.
  1. Extra Duty Employment - defined as "employment performed for an outside employer beyond normal duty and requires law enforcement authority." Extra duty employment includes, but not limited to, such jobs and activities as security, security residences, construction sites, movie production sites, athletic and sporting events, etc.
  2. Secondary Employment - demanded as "additional outside employment by CCSO and employees who do not require or utilize law enforcement authority. It is employment or business of a non-law enforcement nature in which the vested powers of a deputy sheriff are not a condition of employment and for which an employee receives direct or indirect compensation." Secondary employment includes, but not limited to, working for another person, working for a business. Self-employment and/or owning of any business that consume time or attention.

Extra Duty Employment and Secondary Employment require authorization prior to being worked. All hours worked under Extra Duty Employment are subject to administrative fees. Hours worked under Secondary Employment are not subject to administrative fees.

  • The current maximum 60 hours total for Secondary.
  • Extra Employment per month will still apply. However, a minimum 7 hour rest period from the time you stop working your Secondary.
  • Extra Duty job until you report to regular duty will be enforced.

Job Classifications

  • Emergency: 24 hours to 72 hours
  • Short Term: 73 hours to 30 days
  • Permanent: 31 days or more (Requires Contract)

If you have any questions please contact Debbie Garrett at 213-6129. Thank you.

Secondary Employment is classified as follows:


Non-permanent – special events, escorts, etc., that are not on a continuing schedule.

Permanent – secondary employment requiring a continuing schedule.


HOW TO INITIATE THE PROCESS:   By phone, 213-6038.   Advance notice is appreciated and sometimes necessary.   Not all requests can be filled at times due to availability and demand.   The deputy's primary job is with the Clay County Sheriff's Office.  On occasion, the deputy may have to leave the secondary job due to emergencies within the county.   Should this happen, every effort will be made to find a replacement if practical.  



  • Deputy or supervisor costs per hour with a 3 hour minimum
    • Deputy - $23.00 per hour paid to the deputy
    • Sheriff’s office supervisor - $27.00 per hour paid to the deputy supervisor
  • Administrative and equipment usage fee - $4.00 per deputy or supervisor hour
  • Scheduling fees
    • Each job requires a scheduler.  The scheduler will be designated in the contract and the fee established based on total hours scheduled and the type of job. 
    • If the scheduler is a deputy, the deputy will be paid directly. 
    • If scheduled by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, the scheduling fee will be billed with the administrative and equipment usage fee and paid directly to the office.    


Working off duty is voluntary and not mandatory.   Occasionally, requests for deputies to work out-numbers the deputies willing or wanting to work.   Because of deputy availability the rate of pay may fluctuate.  


HOW YOU PAY FOR THE OFFICER(S):   Deputies and supervisors may be paid the hourly rate via cash, check or money order.  


HOW TO PAY THE ADMINSTRATIVE AND EQUIPMENT USAGE FEE:   The $4.00 hourly administrative and equipment usage fee (per deputy) shall be paid to the Clay County Sheriff's Office by separate check or money order, made payable to the Clay County Sheriff's Office.   Payment will be made after receiving a bill from the Clay County Sheriff's Office.   Do not pay the deputy the administrative and equipment usage fee.  


HOW MANY OFFICERS ARE NEEDED:   Staffing levels will be determined by the Secondary Employment Coordinator of the Sheriff's Office, based on the situation.   If alcohol is served, a minimum of two deputies is required.  


CANCELLATIONS:   May be made at any time, however if the cancellation is made with less than a 24 hour notice to the deputy or Secondary Employment Coordinator, a minimum of three hours salary and administrative and equipment fee will be incurred by the requesting party.


An application and secondary employment contract is required, as follows: 


For a company, click here for a copy of the required contract.

For a government organization, click here for a copy of the required contract.

For a copy of the Secondary Employment Application, click here.


The Clay County Sheriff's Office reserves the right to refuse or discontinue off duty services that are deemed to be in conflict with the best interest of the Clay County Sheriff's Office and the citizens of Clay County.

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