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Jail Visitation

It is the policy of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office to provide visitation for inmates incarcerated in the Clay County Jail. Facilities for visiting are provided that permit visitation for informal communication, high risk inmates, and special circumstance visits. All visitation will be non-contact.  During the booking process an inmate must give visitor(s) information to the booking officer. Each inmate will be allowed to have four (4) names (adults) listed on his/her visitor list. To view Jail Visitation & Programs schedules, click here.

Inmate Handbook (English)

Inmate Handbook (Spanish)


For the purpose of this section any visitor 18 years of age or older is considered an adult and will be counted as such. Any changes to the visitors list can be made by indicating changes via an inmate request form made to the attention of a Detention Deputy.  It will also be the responsibility of the inmate to contact those persons listed as visitors and advise them that only they will be allowed to visit.  Attorneys and ministers are not required to be listed on the visitor’s card.

In some cases, out-of-town visitors are not required to be listed on the visitors list. Their visits shall be documented to insure they follow the maximum number of visits per week rule. These visitors are still required to call the jail in advance of departure for the jail. They must speak with a Sergeant or higher authority to request a visit. They are not to just show up or they will not be allowed to visit.

Falsifying information on the visitors list or visitors falsely identifying themselves to be the person on the list, could cause the inmate to lose his/her visiting privileges, either temporarily or permanently.

Visiting days and times shall be posted in the visitor’s lobby and cell blocks.

It is the responsibility of each inmate to notify prospective visitors to be here (30) thirty minutes prior to visitation, as well as the rules pertaining to visitation. Visitors should only bring their car keys and a photo I.D. to visitation as no other materials are allowed to be taken upstairs.  Visitors must register and provide a proper identification, which includes a recent photograph. (D.L., I.D. Card, Military I.D., etc.) Each visitor is to be searched before entering the visitation area. Visitors suspected of being or who are under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or drug will not be allowed to visit and could be subject to arrest.

  • A visitor may visit only the inmate on whose visitor list his/her name appears.
  • Each inmate will be permitted two (2) hours of visitation per week with 1 adult visitor each time, space permitting.
  • Anyone attempting to visit more than two hours a week will be suspended from visitation for thirty (30) days.

Inmates must submit to certain hard restraints such as handcuffs, leg irons, waist chains, etc. in order to have a visit. The type of restraints used will be determined by the supervisor on duty. Inmates not wishing to be subjected to this requirement will be denied visitation privileges.

Visitors Dress Code
Visitors must be properly dressed before they will be allowed to visit.

Male visitors must be attired in shirt, trousers/pants and shoes. Tank tops are not allowed. T-shirts with offensive slogans or artwork are not allowed.

Female visitors must be attired in conservative clothing and shoes. No bathing suits or halter-tops are allowed. Dresses and skirts must be a knee length or longer. No flimsy or see-through clothing. There shall be no exposed mid-riffs or undergarments.

Shorts must be mid-thigh in length or longer for all visitors and everyone must wear footwear.

Property and Money
No property or money may be directly transferred between the inmate and the visitor. Instead, there is now a kiosk in the lobby of the Clay County Jail that visitors may use to deposit funds into inmate accounts.  Lobby hours are 7am until 10pm, Monday through Friday.  There is also a service available that will allow you to deposit funds into an inmate account over the phone or via internet.  It is called Government Payment Service and their number is 888-277-2535.  Another one is Moneygram an their number is 1-800-Moneygram.  They are open 24 hours a day.  The pay location code is #5500. You will also need to know the inmate's name, the inmate number, and the facility code (23J for the Clay County Jail).  There is a minimum deposit of $25 and a maximum of $100.  There is a 5% service fee applied to any deposit.

Termination of Visits
No visitor will bring any type of tobacco product, matches or lighters into the visitor’s reception area on the first floor of the jail. Anyone who violates this regulation faces the possibility of having his/her visitation cancelled for that day, or possible permanently revoked if a repeat offender.
The Correctional Deputy supervising visitation, or higher authority may terminate a visit if a rule violation, misconduct, or emergency situation warrants such action. Violators of visitation rules are subject to permanent loss of visitation privileges.

Exceptions to Visitation Rules
Attorneys, Clergymen (when possible), and Military Command visits are not restricted to the hours of visitation. Inmates hospitalized in community facilities (Orange Park Medical Center, etc.) will not be allowed to visit except as approved by the Detention Bureau Commander. The visitors must call the jail and make an appointment to visit or the officer watching the inmate at the hospital will not allow the visit. Federal prisoners held in the Clay County Jail shall be allowed visitation only when authorized by the arresting Federal Agency.

Visitation for High Risk Inmates
High risk inmates are those demonstrating the potential to escape, have violent tendencies, have mental/behavioral problems and inmates confined to Medical Isolation. Those inmates charged with violent crimes shall also be considered high risk. Prior to a “high risk” inmate receiving a visitor the Corrections Deputy shall notify the Shift Supervisor. The watch supervisor will determine what measures may be needed to properly conduct the visit.

Special Visits
The watch supervisor may authorize special visits based on the following criteria:

The visitor had to travel a long distance. (Proof of distance traveled is required, i.e., plane ticket, bus ticket, or a driver’s license showing the visitor’s residence is outside the immediate area).

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